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Mrs J Foskett

Not having much experience with financial planning and needing advice I made a search and after speaking with several advisers from differing companies I met Mark.

I was impressed with his professionalism and friendly manner on meeting and he was soon able to assess that I wished to proceed with caution as I was such a novice. The advice required has covered a wide range and Mark is available at any time to help.

He never pushes me to make changes before I am ready to and is always ready to explain again if I am unsure. A plus is the sense of humor which accompanies the meetings and is much appreciated.

Mr J Batty

Quite possibly the most patient man on the planet. Mark has been my reliable financial guide for more than 20 years during which time his unimpeachable integrity has allowed me to focus on building a business, knowing there is a safe hand on the tiller of my financial future.

Mr H Lavington-Evans

When I took early retirement in 1989 I sought advice about my company pension: should I leave it in the company scheme, or should I take advantage of the legislation introduced by the Thatcher Government and take the funds out of the company scheme in order to place them elsewhere, and if so, where.

My first source of advice was not satisfactory, but then almost by chance I was introduced to Mark Wilkin who at once took the problem on board. At the time I was relieved to have found someone who knew what he was talking about and took a positive approach; now in retrospect I realise that my introduction to Mark was the best thing that could have happened in terms of the organisation of my financial affairs.

The pension problem was just the beginning and it was solved by Mark in a manner which produced, and is still producing, results far in excess of what the comnpany scheme could have achieved.

Mark has always taken the broader view and pointed out possible weaknesses in my financial position together with proposed solutions where he routinely placed great emphasis on tax efficiency. It is clear to me that he is extremely well informed about the possibilities available and how best to exploit them to the advantage of his clients. At the same time he is always ready to listen to any objections or prejudices which from time to time I have raised.

I could say much more, but I think that the fact that, after two decades, I am still his client and full of praise for his efforts, speaks volumes and says all that needs to be said.

Ms P Bond

Mark is a real nag and the best devils advocate I think I have ever met – which is why I shall not become a bag lady sitting on the Strand wearing a large, flowered and interesting hat.

Or, to put it another way, if I had not had Mark whispering in my ear and giving me great advice for over 12 years I would not be about to buy the house of my dreams. Flippant, this may sound, but it certainly is not. Mark encouraged me to invest, think about my future and my families – what I wanted today and in 20, 40 years time. It comes down to trust and I trust Mark. Yes, we disagree sometimes but so we should. Nag and devils advocate I have already mentioned. There is also inspiration, enthusiam, courtesy and huge amounts of empathy and humour.

Mr N Davies MBE

I have known Mark Wilkin, who now directs the financial advice consultancy known as Alexander Rowan llp, since 1979 at which time he was an adviser for a relatively smaller investment company in the City of London.

My initial contact with Mark Wilkin resulted from a sales call made when I inherited part of my mother’s estate and badly needed some guidance in handling unfamiliar finances. I was working for IBM in London at the time, living in Chelmsford with my family (wife and two daughters, both of whom were still at school at that time). I had left the RAF in 1965 as a Flight Lieutenant (Pilot)and eventually retired fully in 1987. Since then, I have inherited further funds from a cousin who died in 2002. Mark has guided me in the financial sense throughout and continues to do so.

We have become good and trusted friends over the past 30 years. He has a remarkable ability to tailor his advice to my particular situation, history and past and present requirements. His advice has always been sound and responsive, as well as successful. I am always impressed by his willingness to seek others’ views to enhance his own advice.

He has acquired much valuable experience by working with several companies in his progress to his present, successful situation. He deploys this experience with great sensitivity and efficiency when dealing with the affairs of such financially naive clients as myself – and my family.

He has guided us successfully through investments, tax concerns and the pension jungle, enabling us to enjoy a very satisfactory financial structure, prior to, and during my first 22 years of retirement.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Wilkin as a complete financial adviser to any domestic client.

Mr H Burch

Mark was a great help in sorting out an extremely competitive mortgage, as well as establishing some basic and long overdue financial planning. With Marks’ good advice, we also saved hundreds of pounds on our annual insurance premiums. His patience and affability make him an excellent guide through the confusing financial terms and packages on offer

Mr I Maysh

I have had the benefit of financial services from Alexander Rowan LLP over the past 5 years. In my opinion they provide considered and sound advice in an understandable format. Time is taken by the partners to ensure that all aspects of the advice and risks are properly explained. I also have found that their service is provided in a timely and cost effective manner.

Mr S Armstrong

I have known Mark since 1995. He has given a range of advice, dealing with everything from credit cards, various remortgages and utility suppliers. More recently he has given advice or savings and investments.

He has invariably provided genuinely independent advice, careful to match the service to the needs of the client. This includes his ability to consider the differing needs of the client over time and life style. He has impressed me with his patience, breadth of knowledge and invariably good humour.

Miss M Wignall

Mark had to step into the shoes of my previous adviser (who had strayed from the correct & lawful path), which would not have been the easiest of tasks, but he did so in a careful and thorough manner, which over the last 10 years has led to my trusting his guidance completely and relying on his being there if any problems occur.

He patiently explains to me why he is making a recommendation and has recently completed both administrative and tax savings projects, whilst also completing my estate planning. What a great relief it is to have put these burdensome matters behind me and feel in control once again.

Ms Jane Petty

I have known of Mark for some 25 years as a trusted adviser to my parents. I actually met him in 2003 when I found myself needing careful financial advice at the beginning of my divorce ‘adventure’.

During this difficult personal time he not only recommended a firm of solicitors, a new bank account etc, but offered constant good advice, useful suggestions and new ideas. When my nightmare was over, Mark therefore, had a very clear understanding of my new circumstances and has guided and advised me ever since.

Together with his partner Alison, who has also been a brilliant support, I have been helped with mortgage, insurances, investments and personal advice. They are both well informed, skilled, thoughtful and impartial and have a great understanding of ‘the individual’, sometimes better than the individual themselves!

I cannot imagine where I would be without their support and advice. I hope that Mark will continue to be my ‘secret weapon’ in dealing with the complication and confusion of financial matters.

I am most grateful to them both and hope that you may come to know the same for yourselves.

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